Xiaomi is the next Big Phone Brand to remove the Charger from the Box

After the news of removing the charger from the iPhone 12 Retail Box from one of the biggest tech giants Apple, now Xiaomi has also announced its upcoming Mi 11 phone without a charger.

Now, Xiaomi has become the next big phone brand to remove the charger from the box after Apple. There are so many Xiaomi users who already have the old chargers of the phone, therefore, removing the charger from the box will be a great step to protect the environment, and this option will lead to less waste and smaller packaging.

As per the leaked images, the retail box of Mi 11 shows that the company is not shipping the charger with the premium phone. The leaked images also show a side by side comparison with the iPhone 12 box which revealed a small difference. The Xiaomi box is slightly bigger than the iPhone box.

Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun later revealed that the packaging of the new Mi 11 will come in a thin and lighter box as compared to previous ones. He made this important decision of not including the charger in response to the call of environmental protection.

He also added that every Xiaomi user has a couple of unused chargers which are ended up waste, so with the new launch that are taking place on 28th December 2020, they introduce a new box which will only have a Xiaomi phone and a USB-C cable in the box.

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