Top 3 Gaming Apps

With the recent lockdown in place due to pandemic, a lot of users started playing games and due to the same reason Google and Apple Play Store have been flooded with many gaming apps. However, based on our experience, we have seen that a few gaming apps have constantly been in the trend, in spite of new apps entering the play store.

Here is the list of top 3 gaming apps that are currently trending in the mobile market:


PUBG has been in the trend since its launch in the mobile market. PUBG is currently the no.1 app in more than 100 countries. Battle Royale, the first concept of PUBG game has attracted many players, wherein each player has to fight in an unknown area, to rank on the top spot. Quantum Studio and LightSpeed have developed this game.

The list of options offered by PUBG for its mobile players is more than the options PC gamers have. The list goes on and on for the mobile players, and these options make the game very exciting for the players. You can either play the game in Third Person Perspective or First Person Perspective. The developers of this game have constantly improved the look and feel of the game which made this game look near reality.

This game is currently available for iOS and Android users on the respective play store.

Game of Thrones

Who doesn’t know the name of Game of Thrones, a popular web series that has caught the attention of audience world wide. Game of Thrones game has broken the records of many popular games, as soon as it launched on the play store. Gaea and HBO have partnered together for this game development. Currently the Game of Thrones: Beyond the Wall game is in beta testing and it is expected to launch the final version soon. This is one of the most awaited Role-Playing Game in 2020.

Currently the updates of this game are being shared on Reddit by the Game of Throne community members. So, if you are a Game of Throne fan, you must definitely follow the Reddit updates about the game launch.

Call of Duty

Call of Duty is one of the most famous game on Android and iOS. This game currently has more than 50 lakh downloads. The graphics and storyline of this game is very well structured. This game comes in two different modes: Battle Royale and Multiplayer mode. In the Battle Royale mode, the gamer has to survive among other players, and in the multiplayer mode, the gamer can choose to be a part of 5v5 team.

One can easily understand this game and as you keep playing consistently, the game becomes more interesting. The realism of this game makes it stand out of the competition in the play store.


These are the top 3 gaming apps being installed and played currently. The above mentioned games have never disappointed fans and to make the game more interesting for the players the developers have been constantly improving their game mechanics.

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