Tesla’s New Model S will automatically shift between Park, Reverse and Drive

Tesla's New Model S will automatically shift between Park, Reverse and Drive

Tesla is an American electric vehicle Company which is renowned for its electric cars. Recently, Tesla launched its new electric car, the Model S, which has an unconventional feature that includes automatic shift between Park, Neutral, Reverse and Drive.

Tesla’s new Model S comes with a 17 inches Cinematic Display which is exceptionally responsive. There will be no stalks and no shifting in this amazing car. The drivers will be able to change the drive modes through the touchscreen.

When you are  using automatic shift between park, reverse, neutral, and drive (PRND) on a regular basis and after a few days if you don’t use PRND sticks will annoy you to go back and use a shifter, then you can override the touchscreen.

In this new Model S, it uses an Autopilot sensor to intelligently and automatically determine intended drive modes and select them as per the obstacle it sees, navigation map, and context. It comes with a clean, powerful and invisible cabin conditioning.

The automatic features are really attracting new users which will make the drive mode easy for the users and most importantly, the beginners can also drive it easily without any hassle. The model S has the capacity of seating three adults with an extra legroom.

Now, people don’t have to think much about their driving skills after the launch of Tesla’s new Model S as the automatic features make their lives easy. We can also say that it is the best car to drive and to be driven in.

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