Google begins rollout of Tab Grouping in Chrome for Android

Google begins rollout of Tab Grouping in Chrome for Android

Recently, Google Chrome’s Android app has been updated to a new version in which you will see a new interface for Tab Grouping and switching tabs feature. In this new update, Google rollout of tab grouping for Android users so that they can easily organize open web pages in different tabs.

The new interface (Grid Layout) released by Google has replaced the previous interface which consists of a list of tabs in a vertical manner. This new interface is quite similar to the iOS tab interface. The users can see around 6 tabs on-screen at a time and these tabs can be swiped to the right and left to close them with ease.

The primary objective of Google’s new rollout of Tab Grouping feature is to assist the open internet pages into separate tabs more efficiently. It is a beneficial update for professionals as well as for students too.

The users can use the incognito tabs in Chrome browser by just clicking the small icon on the top of the screen which shows that the interface is quite much user friendly and can be easily accessible to all users.

This new release of Tab Grouping update and interface has been appearing only for some of the Chrome users as this new update is still not live for all Chrome users but it is expected that this new version will soon be available for all the users.

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