Gaming firms seek Distinction from Gambling to avoid Bans

Gaming firms seek

Today, the online gaming industry has started to separate itself from RMG (Real Money Gaming) platforms because it has turned regulatory blackish in some of the Indian States. They fear that it may affect all the online gaming portals in the long term which will be a real disaster for the gaming industry.

The founder of these gaming firms states that they don’t want to tarnish their reputation due to such games. As per the reports, a number of company’s executives also said that this ban on RMG platforms (like Poker and Rummy) will definitely harm the entire gaming industry.

Tamil Nadu has banned these online gambling games from November, 2020. There are so many other states in India which are also trying to make laws for these online gambling platforms. But the major point is that they should not include the regular games in their law. It may confuse the parents as well and they might restrict their kids from playing such games.

The nCore Games co-founder, Vishal Gondal states that some of the investors are even pulling their investments or funding from these gaming firms which is not a good sign at all. Therefore, these bans should be done perfectly.

He also states that the outcome of fantasy sports leagues depends on real world sports and the online gambling games are dependent on algorithms which aren’t audited by any bots, algorithm and regulatory organization which clearly means that it can be tempered easily with the odd.

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