Apple rolls out lower App Store Fees for Small Business Developers

A new commission structure has been introduced by Apple through a small business program. In this new app commission structure, the fee has been lowered to 15% which is exactly half as compared to earlier commission rates. This new program is for those developers who are earning less than a million per year. They have introduced this program in the month of November, 2020.

This program was supposed to kick off on 1st Jan, 2021. Apparently, Jacob Gorban (software founder) and some other developer’s stated that this program will be in action very soon. According to AppleInsider, Apple is charging a relatively small commission from Apple store small business program participants who earn a million per year.

Now, instead of paying a 30% commission rate to Apple, the participants will only have to pay 15% for the in-app purchases and sales. As per the current situation, it seems like Apple have decided to start things quite early and this program will completely come into effect from now onwards.

Apple has been charging a sum of 30% as a commission rate since its early days. There were lots of companies that were voicing their discontent about charging such a huge amount. The other companies like Facebook and Epic’s fight have blasted Apple for not reducing their charges for Facebook Pay. But now, Apple has reduced the commission rates to 15% on all types of transactions.

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