Apple releases Chrome Extension for iCloud Passwords

Apple releases Chrome Extension for iCloud Passwords

Apple has just released an official Chrome extension through which a user can use the password stored with iCloud. As per the existing feature, a user can use the iCloud password for iOS devices through Safari browser but after the release of this new Chrome extension, a user can use the iCloud password on its Windows system through Google Chrome.

The iCloud Chrome extension is available on Chrome web store and this remarkable ad-on will assist you to utilize and sync password that is stored in iCloud keychain.

This new Chrome extension for iCloud Passwords released by Apple is very much beneficial for those people who are using iCloud Keychain as their dedicated password manager on Apple devices.

Apple’s new Chrome extension has arrived with the iCloud for Windows version 12.0. Now, you can see a new item in the service list called “Passwords”. You just have to tap on this icon and it will bring you to a prompt indicating “iCloud Password extension is required”. Click on the download button and it will fill your iCloud keychain.

With the help of this new update, you can easily switch from Mac to Windows devices and from Safari to Chrome browser as per your requirements. This could make bouncing between Mac and Windows computer systems much easier.

Apple also states that, with this new Chrome extension, you can also create a new password in Chrome which can be the same or different from your iCloud keychain password.

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